Facilities use Request Form

Our church makes our gym and community center available to members of the community to rent for events such as birthday parties and baby showers. Please see the following forms for information on fees and guidelines:
Gym Rental Policy
Community Center Rental Policy
Please also fill out the form below. Note that all requests are subject to the availability of the facilities and of our event hosts. Upon receiving your request, we will respond to you within one week.

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Beginning time (including set up time) *
Beginning time (including set up time)
Ending time (including tear down time) *
Ending time (including tear down time)
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Person in charge
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I have read the attached policy for use and cleanup of the church facilities and agree to follow these policies and guidelines. I also affirm that I have read the doctrinal statements (and marriage policy, if applicable) of Farmdale Baptist Church and that my intended use of the church facilities and the beliefs and practices of those in charge of this event are not contrary to the doctrinal statements and marriage policy of Farmdale Baptist Church, as made clear in the church facilities policies and guidelines. I understand that this request is subject to approval. *